Digital Strategy: BWG Foodservice

BWG Foods has built up a portfolio of leading retail and wholesale brands including Spar, Mace and Londis. BWG Foodservice wanted to increase its digital footprint and sought a digital audit which would help guide its future digital strategy.


Connector delivered a digital strategy workshop and performed an in-depth audit and analysis of BWG Foodservice digital presence, especially focusing on its social channels. Using our expertise we provided BWG Foodservice with insights and tips on improving its digital channels, including content, UX and UI suggestions.


“Connector conducted an intuitive series of workshops which helped us to understand our target market in more detail. They also provided an in-depth digital audit, providing us guidance for the future of our digital strategy.  We look forward to implementing the insights and tips we’ve received from their team experts to improve our digital channels.”
Jenny Egan, Marketing Manager, BWG Foodservice